Agulhas Honeybush Tea (Cyclopia spp.)

All natural Fynbos product

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Agulhas Honeybush Tea (Cyclopia spp.) is a natural product from the Fynbos Biome. Where two oceans meet, people gather to embrace this unique caffeine and preservative free tea – a product kissed by cool sea breezes from the southernmost tip of Africa. It is harvested and processed on and distributed from the Agulhas Plain, an area acknowledged as a biodiversity hotspot.

Agulhas Honeybush Tea is an all natural Fynbos product that is grown on the southern slopes of the Bredasdorp Mountains, overlooking the Agulhas Plain, about 50 km from the most southern tip of Africa in the Western Cape Province. The Honeybush Tea has a lovely aroma and sweet flavour, is naturally caffeine free and rich in antioxidants. To initiate the fermenting process, only pure fountain water is added, no chemicals.